Mezeo provides MezeoCloud, a feature rich, deployable, storage agnostic Cloud Storage middleware solution,  and MezeoFile Cloud Storage Clients, enabling multiple Cloud storage solutions for delivery by  IT service providers, Telcos, Cable providers, Mobile operators and Device manufacturers.

Fight loss of control and business data leaks to Dropbox-style services with an on-premise cloud storage solution that securely embraces BYOD (bring your own device).

  • Embrace BYOD
  • Mobilize Content
  • Consolidate File Servers
  • Replace FTP
  • Backup & Archive Targets
  • Custom apps

Rapidly launch multiple storage-oriented services from a single platform


File Sync and Share as a Service

A file sync-and-share service for enterprises, businesses, and consumers with white-labeled apps per-tenant.


Storage-as-a-Service for Applications

For applications requiring CDMI or S3 compatible interfaces for file and object storage, backup and archive targets, and more.


Mezeo was designed with a provider-scale services architecture for the demanding requirements of service providers.

  • Deploys on commodity infrastructure with no external service dependencies, for complete SLA control
  • Scales to millions of users and devices connected to petabytes of storage across data centers
  • Provides standards-based cloud storage interfaces for portability and interoperability
  • Integrates seamlessly with billing, authentication, provisioning, and automation systems
  • Includes a branding process for comprehensive white-labeling that extends to the app stores
  • Supports tiered multi-tenancy for multi-channel reseller models, including downstream branding services and delegated administration